Rita Prang

"I believe that when working, it is necessary for both myself and the client to feel comfortable with each other for the optimal experience and results. So, here is a brief description of who I am and why I love doing what I do!"

My name is Rita Prang and I am 44 years old. I was born in Paris but my ethnic roots derive from the beautiful paradise island of Mauritius! I am married, a mother of four and have lived in England for 24 years.


Beauty has been an interest of mine since I can remember. Being raised in the heart of a city that evolves around fashion, exquisiteness and pure style exposed me to this world naturally and I couldn’t help it- I mean its Paris!


After finishing my education in France, I moved to England and worked with the NHS for a few years. At the same time I was following my true passion and studying Beauty at college in the evenings after work.


I have been in the Health and Beauty sector since 2001. My years of experience, combined with my love for this job, allows me to offer you all a wide range of beauty and aesthetic treatments. Being able to satisfy demands, enhance client confidence and genuinely make the difference that clients want or need is why I love this job so much.


Despite having worked in this industry for a number of years, I remain inquisitive about new beauty revelations and so I am always keeping up to date with the new trends so that I can help you follow them!


Now that you guys know a little bit about me, I really look forward to working with you!

Rita Prang


  • Diploma of excellence in Semi-permanent Makeup
  • Diploma of excellence in Microblading/Nano-blading
  • Meso Skin Needling
  • Level 4 Laser Hair Removal